To guarantee the highest standards of quality and trust, and that only loyal and reliable merchants offer their deals on the Dealshaker platform, items above 500 euros, real estate properties, and cars, are not subject to the review of the Dealshaker country managers but require the approval of our Compliance team before they are published. By involving the Compliance team in the approval process, we ensure that merchants offering high-value items meet the necessary criteria and adhere to our strict quality standards. The Compliance team carefully assesses each item to verify its authenticity, value, and legitimacy. In this regard, we publish the requirements for transactions from the AUTOMOBILES & MOTORCYCLES sub-category. What type of documents each merchant has to upload in Step 1 when creating or editing a business account if he wants to offer a deal, subject to approval by the Dealshaker Compliance team?

NB! Merchants have to upload all the documents required in their Merchants profile, not as an image of the deal, so the privacy data and information are not to be public. If the automobiles or motorcycles are registered, the images uploaded into the Merchant profile must show the registration/number plates. We recommend not publishing deals with the registration number shown, because of your Privacy Protection and to Prevent Identity Theft or Fraud.

1. Ownership documentation:

– registration documents of the vehicle, where the name of the owner must be filled in. In the cases, when the merchant is the owner and the merchant’s business name (the brand name) is different from the owner’s name, an ID card or driving license must be provided;
– proof of payment as bank statement and/or shipping and customs papers in case the vehicle is just imported into the country and it is not registered yet;

– documents showing the connection of the merchant with the vehicle. In these cases, when the merchant is not the owner of the vehicle, a notarized authorization to represent the owner must be provided or another type of relationship authorizes the merchant to sell the vehicle on behalf of the owner.

– if the merchant is a car dealer, retailer, agency, or others, the scope and the registration documents of his merchant’s account business must match. If such documents are not uploaded in the merchant’s account of the respective business, the merchant must provide them together with all of the rest requested documents. The registration documents of the business must show the connection of the merchant as an individual with the business.

Such documentation must be provided for the approval process to start.

2. Deal content – title, description, images

In general, merchants should describe the most important information for a vehicle that the buyer normally wants to know, and be interested in:

– Description – car mileage (second hand cars), car’s engine power, fuel consumption per km, type of fuel, tires, is there annual technical inspection of the vehicle done and others. Such details for the car in the description are important and must be included.

– What kind of documents does the buyer need to sign to own the car? (What are the legal steps to buy the car in the respective country?)

– Images – The merchants must upload at least one image of the vehicle in their business account for verification. When creating the deal, we recommend merchants upload more images from different angles, presenting the vehicle in detail. Blur the registration number in the deal image gallery!

3. Delivery method.

It is impossible when the product is a physical item to be delivered online. For that reason, the pick up of the product (the vehicle) cannot happen online. It should be shipped or picked up at the location. The correct delivery methods are “Redeem at location” or “Self-organized shipping”.