Colombia’s big brands and supermarket chains like Exito, Super Inter, Carulla, Mayorista, and Surti Maxx will become Dealshaker merchants in the second half of May. These brands with more than 700 stores in 60 cities in Colombia will offer their products through codes and cards in the platform. This was announced during his presentation in Colombia, by Dealshaker Business Development Manager Mauricio Garavito.

D1 Stores is the newest brand name on the Dealshaker platform, too. With more than 2,000 stores throughout the country, D1 has become one of the most visited supermarkets by Colombians. D1, is the company that is being closer and closer to all Colombian households, covering 87% of the territory, in 28 departments and 450 municipalities. Thanks to Dealshaker this business will continue to grow and at the same time, Colombian people will find the benefits of buying from Deashaker.

Popsy from Colombia and Gelarti from Panama and Peru with 300 stores are the other new merchants on our global platform, offering gourmet ice creams.

Mercacentro, another brand announced, is a regional supermarket chain in Colombia with 18 stores from which the people will buy products through the codes obtained in Dealshaker platform deals.

Attracting and creating partnerships with big brands and international companies is a long-term strategy and initiative of the general management of the Dealshaker platform. This consistent policy of building business relationships with big chains and brands is carried out at global level in many countries worldwide. We are now pleased to share our new partnerships in LATAM, with similar ones in other countries to come.

Thanks to Dealshaker supermarkets and store chains can enter the crypto world, find new customers, and sell more in fiat and crypto.