what we do

ONE ECOSYSTEM is a global educational company registered and based in Vietnam. ONE ECOSYSTEM’s headquarters and operational office is based in Hanoi.

The company’s business is focused on providing education and knowledge by selling educational modules at different topics, levels, and prices. We sell our products through a global network of people on six continents which considers the company’s business a Network Marketing Business.

Additionally, by purchasing an educational module, our members (Independent Marketing Associates) receive as a gift from the Company tokens, which give them the right to participate in mining pools and turn their tokens into ONEs – a digital currency.

Each IMA can use their ONEs as a means of payment within the ONE ECOSYSTEM – to purchase goods and products from the E-commerce platform DEALSHAKER or to pay monthly subscriptions for different applications and platforms developed exclusively for our IMAs.

Since March 2024 ONE ECOSYSTEM has been a part of the POLYGON public blockchain network with 250 billion coins. Over 1 million accounts were deployed during the long and specific process and are now part of the public blockchain system.These guarantee complete security, full transparency, and decentralization in the ecosystem with full user empowerment. ONE Ecosystem is accessible after a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.

Owned by high-class Asian business professionals, ONE Ecosystem is headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam, and has independent Marketing Associates (IMAs) in over 190 countries worldwide. ONE ECOSYSTEM strictly follows all global and local regulations for digital assets. The company’s policy is in tight accordance with the local legislation of the markets where we operate.