Another Leader joining the International Global Council

We are delighted to announce that Shan Hongwei has joined the prestigious International Global Council (IGC) as our latest member tasked with representing the thriving market in China. This appointment makes Shan Hongwei the second official representative from China, further strengthening our commitment to expanding our influence within this enormous market.

With its vast population and immense growth potential, China holds a special place in our strategic efforts, and we recognize the importance of establishing a solid presence in this region. We believe that by combining the expertise, vision, and dedication of Mr. Shan Hongwei and Mrs. Xu Chen, we can embark on a journey toward establishing a solid foundation in this dynamic and flourishing market.

Together, their joint efforts will focus on strategizing, implementing innovative approaches, and fostering growth in the Chinese market. They will work hand in hand with our team of professionals, leveraging their collective wisdom and expertise to ensure a stable and thriving network.

At the IGC, inclusivity and collaboration are at the core of everything we do. We firmly believe that bringing diverse perspectives together is the key to tackling the complex MLM landscape and paving a path toward long-term success.

We warmly welcome Shan Hongwei as part of the IGC team and do not doubt that his contributions will strengthen our efforts.

Together, we redefine the boundaries of success!