Change is the heartbeat of progress.

We want to inform you about an upcoming change in our corporate structures. As part of our ongoing commitment to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, we have decided to make adjustments to the organizational setup.

Effective 1. In December 2023, the Global Corporate Coordinator and Local Corporate Coordinator positions will no longer be part of the One Ecosystem corporate structures. This decision was made after carefully considering and evaluating our current business needs.

The position of Global Corporate Coordinator, held by Mr. Lyudmil Georgiev since 2021, and both the positions of Corporate Coordinator LATAM (Mr. Mauricio Garavito) and Corporate Coordinator China (Mr. Jin Feng) were created as temporary positions aiming to ensure a smooth transition and act as a bridge between the Network and the Company. In that matter, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to these people – for their dedication and hard work focused on developing and expanding the ONE ECOSYSTEM Network. We appreciate the efforts they put into rebuilding a powerful community of people united by the ONE’s vision and philosophy. We believe that they will continue to achieve success in the future, thanks to their professionalism and experience.

Step by step, during the last two years, together with the ex-coordinators and the entire community, we managed to build a robust Network Leadership based on respect and trust. By implementing the OE voting system, we encouraged IMAs around the globe to actively participate in the choice of independent, hardworking, and responsible Leaders in the International Global Council (IGC). Today, we mark the start of new elections – for Country Boards.

This step-by-step progress and development would have never been possible without the professionalism of our ex-coordinators—huge thanks for their job, and good luck in their future endeavors!