Following Dealshaker’s standards and rules, merchants improve the content of deals and impress buyers better

“The Gallery is the place to showcase and present the product in its best way. Photos of products can sell more than the price and description. So beautiful, high-quality photos that represent the product in the best possible way are recommended” said Mr.Ivan Zerkov, Chief Operating Officer DEALSHAKER Global during his participation in the Newsroom show.“There are no limits on the number of uploaded images when the merchant creates his deals. It is good as well to upload organic real photos, showing the product in a real environment, usage, and situation. This is how the buyer can imagine it in the best way and decide if the product will fill his own reality. Images, as well as all content related to the deal in Dealshaker, must comply with DS terms, rules, and policies. No uncensored content, illegal content, misleading photos, and unfair trade practices are allowed”, Mr, Zerkov added.



He said that images must accurately represent the item listed for sale and match the product title provided.‘Images must be photographed with realistic colors; no pixelation or jagged edges should be visible. The photographs must give a clear and realistic idea of the size, type, application, and use of the goods/services. Don’t be afraid to use your smartphone’s camera. You can upload a video or embed a link. Videos should be of high quality. Videos must not contain other or competing trademarks, logos, or brand materials that may mislead the buyer. (If the merchant sells Xiaomi-branded phones, he cannot show an iPhone logo or caption in the video, for example). The video should either be in its usual YouTube orientation or with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The video should include appropriate product characteristics like safety features, performance, technical specifications, dimensions, weight, etc. Customer reviews or demonstrations of the products/services are allowed”, said Mr. Zerkov. According to him photos and videos present the product in the best way. “We should not underestimate this opportunity to impress buyers and increase sales. According to statistics, 91% of consumers want to see more online video content from brands”, said Mr.Ivan Zerkov, Chief Operating Officer DEALSHAKER Global.