To guarantee the highest standards of quality and trust, and that only loyal and reliable merchants offer their deals on the Dealshaker platform, items in certain categories such as cars, real estate properties, and jewelry, are not subject to the review of the Dealshaker country managers but require the approval of our Compliance team before they are published. The Compliance team carefully assesses each item to verify its authenticity, value, and legitimacy. Here are the requirements for deals from the JEWELRY category.

To approve business connected with gold and/or jewelry sales, in the Merchant account, there must be uploaded documents showing the merchant license or registration of the merchant as a jewelry dealer or a company with such business activity, there must be certification of the gold and the jewelry authenticity too. For jewelry dealers, individual/private merchants, or companies there is a specific required package of documents. The documents required to start selling gold online or offline may vary depending on the country and jurisdiction the businesses operate. However, in general, the merchants need to provide the following documents:

Business registration documents: This includes business registration certificates, tax identification numbers, and any necessary permits and licenses to operate a business.

A certificate of authenticity for the gold or jewelry: This is a document that certifies the purity and the weight of the gold. Such documents can be obtained from a reputable assayer or refinery.

A record of purchase or import documents: If the merchant purchases gold and jewelry from a supplier, he/she will need to keep a record of the purchase or import documents, including the date of purchase, the name of the supplier, the quantity and weight of the gold, and the price paid.

Sales and purchase agreements/Terms and conditions of the deal: The merchant must have terms and conditions in the form of a template of a document for the transactions with its customers. All of the provided documents in the merchant account for the business activity and the particular deals and the products offered in them, must matched as data and details.