To guarantee the highest standards of quality and trust, and that only loyal and reliable merchants offer their deals on the Dealshaker platform, deals of real estate properties, and cars, are not subject to the review of the Dealshaker country managers but require the approval of our Compliance team before they are published. The Compliance team carefully assesses each item to verify its authenticity, value, and legitimacy. In this regard, we publish the requirements for deals from the HOME AND AUTO category, respectively the subcategory REAL ESTATE.

Merchants have to upload all the documents required in Step 1 when creating or editing a business account in their Merchant profile, not as an image of the deal, so the private data and information are not to be public.

1. Construction documentation (construction/cadastral sketches/schemes/plans).

2. Ownership documentation – proof that the merchant owns this real estate or has the legal rights to represent the owner. Authorization documents must be notarized.In case the owner is a third party, documentation proving the ownership must be provided too.

3. Deal content – title, description, images

*Description – the real estate category can be considered as giving the opportunity to the buyers to purchase premium products based on the high values. To win the trust of a buyer, the description should have complete information, for example – the number of rooms, sq. meters in total, sq. meters of every room, is situated to important public facilities such as civil transport stations, supermarkets, shopping centers, green areas, and parks, next to the city, etc.

What is the construction material, the real estate is built of?
What are the conditions for heating or cooling?
Is it situated in an individual building or an apartment area of buildings?
Does it have additional service fees, etc?
Characteristics of the land plot if there are specifics.

Merchants of real estate deals have to describe what are the legal steps to buy the apartment/the land plot.

*Images – Apart from the organic real photos, we recommend the owner share the construction plan/cadastral sketch or the project plan of the property or the land plot in the image gallery of the deal. As well as photos of every room or part of the property which are mentioned in the description. The image gallery must include at least one image of the real estate. There is no limit to how many can be uploaded.