100 merchants from Colombia and the region presented their great products and took place in the impressive Dealshaker Expo in Medellin, Colombia. Many local businesses participated in the exhibition with their stands and happily presented their goods and services, and visitors bought online by scanning the QR code of each deal. Cosmetics, fashion, electronics, jewelry, handmade goods, food, and beverages were just some of the products that fascinated all the guests and visitors during the Expo. Throughout the day, nearly 7 hours, the stands were visited by hundreds of customers who were impressed by the great goods and wonderful opportunities that the Dealshaker platform gives.

Colombia has emerged as one of the countries with the most stable economic development in LatAm over the last decade. With an expected growth of 74% over the next 4 years, it positions itself as the nation with the most significant evolution in e-commerce in the region. The industry’s growth dynamics are unstoppable. The Colombian digital market stands out for its strength in both supply and demand. The popularization of digital wallets in this crypto-frienedly country, positions Dealshaker as the ideal partner for many merchants in Colombia.