Exclusive Network training, held by One Ecosystem IGC members – Tommi Vuorinen and Marco Romero, will open the International Corporate Event in Mexico. On July 20, everyone, who has purchased Premium tickets for the event, IMAs, and guests will have the opportunity to learn more about the One Ecosystem, our projects and the opportunities related to the crypto world, the advantages of blockchain technologies, global trade, and modern digital financial solutions.

How to turn crises into opportunities for growth, achieve independence, and transform our business and lives, thanks to crypto – expect all this from Tommy Vuorinen’s presentation. Our IGC member for LATAM Marco Romero will also share his great experience and professional advice.

How to build and develop your strong network and grow and take advantage of the dynamic crypto world? What is the plan for the future of our projects in LATAM? How to participate in the world’s digital transformation, how to modernize your business and sell worldwide using digital assets and crypto, and more exclusive tips – expect in the special training with our leaders.

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