Detailed, accurate, and attention-grabbing titles and descriptions hook the audience better

“Creating detailed, accurate, and attention-grabbing titles and descriptions of deals hooks the audience better,” said Mr.Ivan Zerkov, Chief Operating Officer DEALSHAKER Global during his participation in the Newsroom show. He recommends merchants the titles of their deals be short and clear, containing all the necessary information about the product – brand, model, color, size, and material. “Do not include pricing, promotional details or discounts, promotion references, and phrases such as ‘affordable’, ‘cheap’, ‘bonus’, ‘free’, “free shipping”. Do not include information about extra accessories, additional products that customers can buy separately, etc. Don’t be false or misleading, it should be understandable. The description of a deal is where the merchant can give all the details about the product and advertise it in the best way”, said Mr. Zerkov. According to him the creation of an attention-grabbing headline hooks the audience.

“Use a short description paragraph to introduce the benefits of your product. Add a bulleted list of product features and benefits they provide. Include any necessary technical details. Highlight social proof. Use casual language and tone. All of this information will create trust in the buyer and show a transparent process”, said Mr. Ivan Zerkov. He added that each deal on the Dealshaker platform is checked and approved by country managers, who monitor compliance with the standards and legal requirements of Dealshaker. It is absolutely forbidden to offer and trade on the platform goods without proven authenticity, fake goods, and replicas, goods that are subject to copyright or that use a foreign trademark.