What happens if an IMA has more than one account to transfer?

Many people have more than one account in the ONE ECOSYSTEM Network. But do all of the accounts need to be transferred to the public blockchain? What happens with Rookie accounts?
If a newcomer had registered an account within our System after 18. February 2023, will the transaction from it be verified in the private or the public blockchain?

There are plenty of options, but let’s review the main ones. Suppose an IMA has several profiles (registered with different E-mail addresses but under the same identity and not later than 31. December 2022) with plenty of accounts. In that case, they first need to merge all profiles under one E-mail address and identity. To do so, each has to contact our support team with an inquiry “merge of profiles” and provide the required information. Keep in mind that this service is free of charge until 1. April 2023.

Profile merge differs from a change of E-mail, requiring a €30 fee. Many members registered new profiles recently and requested profile merge, free of charge until 1. April 2023, please remember that our support team will work on those requests where a profile was created until 31. December 2022. All duplicate profiles registered after this date will require a €30 fee to be merged.

After all the profiles were merged successfully, the IMA has two options:

To deploy all existing accounts to the public blockchain. This option is visible in your Dashboard, and the system automatically calculates all the applicable fees. In this case, the IMA can benefit from our bundle transfer fees created only for members with many accounts.
Each IMA can choose certain accounts to be transferred. In this case, they must pay a fee of €25 (50% Cash & 50% Reserved cash OR 100% Cash) for each separate account.

IMAs can choose to deploy only important accounts for their network tree. We highly recommend you consider your choice carefully because your network development may suffer if you do not migrate all your accounts.

Bear in mind that you will always have access to each account and wallet – no matter if they were deployed to the public blockchain. During and after the deployment, transactions between deployed and non-deployed accounts will not be possible.
Each IMA has to consider the Rookie accounts importance to their network and if those should be deployed at all.

All newly registered accounts (after 18. February 2023) are already part of the public blockchain and do not need to be deployed additionally.