We are pleased to announce that the deadline for voting in the current Leader’s elections has been extended by 1 day. Each of you willing to exercise your voting rights will have the opportunity to do it until Sunday, 1. October, 23:59:59 system time.

We understand the importance of each IMA’s participation and the need for every vote to be heard. As you are all aware, one of the requirements to participate in the elections is to have your accounts deployed to the public blockchain. The deadline for this first phase of deployment ends on 30. September and tens of thousands of IMAs are trying to finalize it on time.

Our Support, KYC, and Payment departments are working tirelessly to process all your requests on time. As the Company does not want to harm anyone’s voting rights, the management decided to extend the voting period by 1 more day and ensure all deployed accounts by 30. September will be able to participate in the election process.

We are all excited about the increased dynamics of both the deployment and the voting during the last few days, and we want to encourage all IMAs to participate! Bear in mind that the massive amount of accounts deployed to the Polygon blockchain also leads to tremendous changes in the voting results. This trend is tangible in huge regions like China, India, Africa, and LATAM countries, where OE IMAs hold plenty of accounts, and by choosing the “vote with all accounts” option, each one changed the temporary election results in seconds. A recent example in China showed that one of the candidates in a leading position increased their result with more than 1,500 votes in just 1 second. Please be aware that the current activity of OE IMAs deploying their accounts is vast and automatically affects the voting results’ dynamics.

Your vote matters, and we encourage all eligible IMAs to take advantage of the extended deadline to have their voice heard in shaping our future. Remember, every vote counts toward building a stronger and more inclusive community!

We wish a lot of success to all candidates! Let’s make a difference together!

1st phase of deployment ends on 30. September 2023, 23:59:59 system time.
OE Voting for Leaders ends up on 1. October 2023, 23:59:59 system time.