Over 1,000,000 ONE ECOSYSTEMS accounts have been deployed and are now part of the Polygon Public Blockchain platform. 3 weeks before the end and final phase of the Blockchain deployment the data in the Polygon system show impressive results. Тhe official end of the blockchain deployment which will be on March 23 during the World Congress “The Future Starts Today” in Penang, Malaysia. Аll members have only 3  weeks left to transfer their accounts and continue enjoying the benefits of the ecosystem and its projects.

All ACTIVE AND KYC-APPROVED USERS, who have no pending transactions or blocked ONEs, are able to transfer their accounts to the Public Blockchain of Polygon. The transfer to Polygon’s public blockchain will open the system to full decentralization, complete security, and full user empowerment. We will open all our projects to the world and give the power to the users themselves. Using the Polygon platform guarantees high and complete security, will increase the scalability, and sovereignty of our projects, and guarantees structural benefits. All newly registered accounts (after 18. February 2023) are already part of the public blockchain and do not need to be deployed additionally. Each IMA can choose certain accounts to be transferred. In this case, they must pay a fee for each separate account.

The deployment to the public blockchain is mandatory for each IMA who would like to actively use their ONEs and participate in the OE in the future. All IMAs with non-deployed accounts will continue having access to those but will not be able to make any transactions. The Company continues its contribution to the deployment fees and allows 50% Cash & 50% ONEs as a payment method.

No transactions between non-deployed accounts will be possible after 23 March.
Only deployed accounts will be able to purchase educational modules.
Only deployed will purchase deals in Dealshaker and ONE VITA products.
Only deployed DS merchants will be able to sell their deals.
Only deployed accounts will use the DS conversion pool.