The distribution and sale of ONE VITA products is carried out under the following requirements for merchants:

1. Merchants are allowed to offer and publish deals for the sale of ONE VITA products, which must go through the approval of the company’s administrators.

To get your deal approved, you must:

1. Create a deal, using only the official photos of products from the company. You can find them in the link: ONE VITA IMAGES

2. Use only the official and accurate descriptions of the products with their ingredients and beneficial properties for the skin. You can find them in the file: ONE VITA PRODUCTS DESCRIPTIONS

3. Use only the official presentation of ONE VITA, created by the company, during meetings and marketing to the end customer.

4. Select a price not lower than the officially announced price by the company. There is no limit to what the price will be (higher than the official price). There is no limit on the fiat/crypto ratio when determining the price. Officially, the company offers the products for 50% ONE, 50% FIAT.

5. Send the link to the created deal to this e-mail:

Your created deal of ONE VITA products will be checked and approved ONLY by the Dealshaker administrators and Dealshaker Approval Department. Country managers are not allowed to approve deals of ONE VITA products!

*Merchants have no right to change the amount of the BV points.

6. Once approved, you can post your ONE VITA deal, promote it if you want, and fulfill the order with the delivery methods. Merchants bear the full responsibility for the methods of delivery of the products.

The new rules take effect from June 10 and all created deals of ONE VITA products before that date will be declined. Merchants must edit their deal following the new photo and description requirements and resubmit the deal again for approval.

These requirements and the Master Distribution of ONE VITA products remain in effect until the official upcoming launch of the new website and the new distribution method. Then the conditions and method of ordering and delivery will be changed. Each member can become a part of the ONE VITA Master Distribution, purchase from the company, and sell these unique products in Dealshaker by sending a request to the e-mail:

From September 2024, ONE VITA products will be available in new packaging and at new prices! Find more in the video:

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