Supermarkets and big chains can enter the crypto world and transform their business thanks to Dealshaker platform. By choosing Dealshaker supermarkets can sell their products in fiat and crypto. “They will connect to a customer base of over 1 million active users worldwide and position their stores on the merchant map so that everyone can easily find them and shop. We promote their deals on our social channels, so these big brands and stores will reach thousands of new followers for free. They can be digital and grow their brand, Mauricio Garavito, Dealshaker Business Development Manager said during his participation in the Newsroom show.

Attracting and creating partnerships with big brands and international companies is a long-term strategy and initiative of the general management of the Dealshaker platform. This consistent policy of building business relationships with big chains and brands is carried out at a global level in many countries worldwide.

“We are now pleased to share our new partnerships in LATAM, with similar ones in other countries to come. More than 1.000 stores in 60 cities in Colombia will accept codes for deals from IMAs who previously bought them in DEALSHAKER platform. Mercacentro, another brand, is a regional supermarket chain in Colombia with 18 stores from which the people will buy products through the codes obtained in Dealshaker platform deals. The brands: Popsy, D1, Mercacentro, Exito, Super Inter, Carulla, Surti Mayorista, and Surti Max have also joined the platform across a merchant which is creating different combos between the brands. Grupo Éxito is a South American retail company. It operates 600 stores in Colombia. The stores sell a wide range of food and non-food products. “I should say all the work done is part of a strategy in which we are showing them how big our community is. Part of this strategy is to have different combos with other brands. In the future and after some months of data analysis they should register themselves as merchant in Dealshaker, this is our goal”, Mr. Garavito said.

“Being part of our e-commerce global platform, supermarkets and brands will be able to dive deep into the endless possibilities of the crypto world!”, Mauricio Garavito said.