The Dealshaker Merchants mobile app has been released and is now available to download for Android from Google Play for free! The Merchant App is available only for Android for now. Expect it to be available soon in the Apple Store as well. This will be officially announced in the coming days!

Our Mobile App is specially developed to make all Dealshaker merchant life easier and more convenient. Sell more easily than ever! Stay on top of the e-commerce global market! Sell your deals to millions of people from all over the world and manage your orders!No limits, no borders! Create your deal in 40 languages and 38 local fiat currencies! Track and manage your orders and enjoy different payment methods and the most secure blockchain transactions. Fiat and crypto-only in the Dealshаker global e-commerce platform. Merchants are now able to see a list of all deals in their hand. They can add new great deals or add a new business address quickly and easily than ever.

Do you want to track and manage your orders when you’re out of the office? Dealshaker Merchant App is now your office in your hand! With just a few taps on your phone, you can see and manage all your orders. Mark whether the goods are packaged or already sent to the customer by courier. You will see if the payment was successful automatically when it was made through the system’s digital wallets. In case of payment by cash or bank transfer, note this and then fulfill the order.

Create new business accounts or add the address of your new store or warehouse, one or two swipes on your phone screen and you’re ready in seconds! Read all your customer’s reviews to stay on top of things and improve your business! Direct messages to the customer and take your business to a new level. In just a few seconds you can create a promo code with a discount and send it to your buyers.

Grow your business and make your seller’s life easier thanks to the Dealshaker Merchant App!