The newest ONE VITA products – Liposomal calming & hydrating masks and Liposomal metabolic activating masks are on sale. “The power of liposomes and natural ingredients are put into these unique face masks to fulfill the ONE VITA collection with the only thing missing from the 5-step skin-care routine”, said Marina Mustapic, founder and manufacturer of ONE VITA products during her participation in the Newsroom show.

“LIPOSOMAL CALMING & HYDRATING MASK – works fast by delivering energy (Coenzyme Q10) to skin cells. It is formulated to quickly deliver moisture deep into the skin, raise its levels, and prevent its loss due to improper activity of the lipid barrier. The high percentage of NMF (natural moisturizing factors) works multi-moisturizing – affecting every aspect: from adding hydration to repairing and optimizing trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). The second one is the LIPOSOMAL METABOLIC ACTIVATING MASK. This Powerful activating mask works to increase, accelerate, and boost skin’s renewal to regain and resurface with a rejuvenated and fantastic look. The high percentage of cinnamon extract delivered directly to skin cells results in a brighter, whiter, and balanced tone. Rich in naturally occurring acids, enzymes, and moderated chili peptides it stimulates and accelerates cellular turnover in the skin which can result in short-term redness, warm sensation, and even pringling, while in the long run, it will recreate brilliant skin with rejuvenated contours and bright complexion. Zeolite, witch hazel, beta-glucan, and natural lipids deliver additional benefits: to best skin’s firming”, Mustapic added.

She ensured that ONE VITA products are completely natural, the ingredients are the best selection for health and beauty, which eliminates the negative influences of the environment, stress, toxins, etc. with the power of nature. “We have created a daily skincare routine that uses the power of bio-active ingredients and liposomes, uses the amplified power of nature and the incredible power of the cell, which makes your skin young, beautiful, and healthy. This is specialist dermo-care for everyday use – to postpone aesthetic intervention. With the precision of science and the careful understanding of every single molecule, we have found the key to healthy, radiant, youthful, and beautiful skin at any age. Combined with bio-active ingredients, we have brought the best of nature into daily care products to give your skin the rejuvenation of zeolite crystals and the energy of vitamins and minerals. We are committed to providing the best quality products through cutting-edge technology and everyday beauty routine”, Marina Mustapic said. She added that ONE VITA products provide a complete daily care routine with a proven long-lasting effect and a special anti-aging formula, bioactive, and scientifically proven ingredients for healthy and beautiful skin.

Each member can become a part of the ONE VITA Master Distribution, purchase from the company, and sell these unique products in Dealshaker by sending a request to the e-mail: 

The new packaging of ONE VITA product will be available in September, when all the products will be at new prices. You