Is there a timeframe to deploy my accounts?
What will happen if I decide not to transfer them at all?

Public Blockchain deployment is a long process where millions of accounts are involved. The initial period for deployment is six months (starting on 18. February 2023). During this timeframe, our current private blockchain is functional as well.

This ensures that non-deployed accounts can still make transactions between each other.

The secondary deployment period will continue for another 12 months. IMAs are free to deploy during this second timeframe, but the fee will be significantly higher than the current one.

Remember that our current private Etherium-based blockchain will be functional until 18. August 2023. We highly recommend all ONE ECOSYSTEM IMAs transfer their accounts within the initial timeframe to avoid any technical inconveniences that might occur after this date.

Bear in mind that all transactions between non-deployed accounts can be processed until 18. August 2023.

What happens with non-deployed accounts after the second period has ended?

IMAs will continue having access to their accounts. The balance of ONEs will remain the same and will be visible.

IMAs will have access to the lectures from Educational modules they have purchased in the past. No transactions will be possible.